Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kevin Garnett is now a Celtic

It's official. Kevin Garnett is now a Celtic. Good news for Boston in the immediate future. However, in 5 years where will Boston be? Hopefully with another championship banner in their rafters. Because they gave up their future to make this current team. Boston's time to win is now. In 3-4 years and they might be in trouble. They will not have good draft picks and little up and coming talent. Their 3 stars are all 30-32 years old and might start slowing soon.

Rajon Rondo is their only nice young prospect, well Tony Allen might fit that as well. Anyway, gone is big man Al Jefferson and athletic possible star Gerald Green. Ryan Gomes and Sabastian Telfair both can help a team, but not stars. I think Minnesota put together and nice team for the future. A good trade? I would say yes for both teams.

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