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2007 NBA Draft

2007 NBA Draft

2007 NBA Draft Lottery - May 22, 2007
2007 NBA Draft - June 28, 2007

NBA Draft 2007 Predictions:

updated 6/28/07

1. Portland TrailBlazers - Greg Oden 7-0 Ohio State
A coveted athletic big man that looks like he is 28 years old. Have you see him dunk? He will be a dominant player in the NBA. Excellent defender. Needs to work on offensive moves and jump shot.

2. Seattle SuperSonics - Kevin Durant 6-10 Texas
Tracy McGrady but better... we will see. He is smooth and does it all. He will definitely be an excellent player with huge potential. Needs to work on his strength.

3. Atlanta Hawks - Yi Jian Lian 7-0 China
He continues to impress and move up in the draft. I don't think the Hawks can afford to take another decent small forward. They need a game changer and Yi might be the man.

4. Memphis Grizzlies - Al Horford 6-10 Florida
Athletic power forward. Plays alot like Elton Brand. Quick for a big man. Needs to work on offensive moves.

5. Boston Celtics - Brandan Wright 6-9 North Carolina
Extremely athletic big man with huge wingspan. Not a great shooter, but excellent on the break and around the basket. 7-4 wingspan.

6. Milwaukee Bucks- Mike Conley Jr. 6-1 Ohio State
Lightning quick point guard that can shoot. The best point guard in the draft.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves - Corey Brewer 6-9 Florida
Plays hard nose in your face defense. Good offensive player.

8. Charlotte Bobcats - Joakim Noah 6-11 Florida
A difference maker. Passion and energy but wheres the jump shot?

9. Chicago Bulls - Jeff Green 6-9 Georgetown

10. Sacramento Kings - Julian Wright 6-8 Kansas

11. Atlanta Hawks - Acie Law 6-3 Texas A&M
The Playoffs have shown how important a point guard is and he has the basketball IQ and desire to potentially be a good one. Atlanta may settle for the second best point and hope he is still around.

12. Philadelphia 76ers - Spencer Hawes 7-0 Washington

13. New Orleans Hornets - Al Thornton 6-7 Florida St

14. Los Angeles Clippers - Nick Young 6-6 USC

15. Detroit Pistons - Rodney Stuckey 6-4 Eastern Washington

A relatively unknown point guard. Could be dynamite.

16. Washington Wizards - Josh McRoberts 6-11 Duke
He needs to show some emotion and toughness. He keeps dropping.

17. New Jersey Nets - Jason Smith 7-0 Colorado St

Very athletic big man. Good shooter. Needs to work on toughness because he tends to get taken out of his game by physical defenders.

18. Golden State Warriors - Javaris Crittenton 6-5 Georgia Tech

19. Los Angeles Lakers - Daequan Cook 6-5 Ohio State

20. Miami Heat - Thaddeus Young 6-8 Georgia Tech

21. Philadelphia 76ers - Rudy Fernandez 6-6 Spain

22. Charlotte Bobcats - Nick Fazekas 6-11 Nevada

Solid big man. Can shoot outside. Might not be athletic enough

23. New York Knicks - Derrick Byars 6-7 Vanderbilt

24. Phoenix Suns - Aaron Afflalo 6-5 UCLA
He reminds me of Brandon Roy, why isn't he getting mentioned higher?

25. Utah Jazz - Marco Belinelli 6-5 Italy
The Jazz need a shooter and he is a bomber.

26. Houston Rockets - Tiago Splitter 6-11 Spain

Is he ever going to enter the draft. He has been on this list all of the last 5 years.

27. Detroit Pistons - Marcus Williams 6-7 Arizona

28. San Antonio Spurs -Jared Dudley 6-7 Boston College

29. Phoenix Suns - Aaron Gray 7-1 Pittsburgh
A decent big man. Nice moves, but a little slow.

30. Philadelphia 76ers - Morris Almond 6-6 Rice

31. Seattle SuperSonics - Taurean Green 6-0 Florida

32. Boston Celtics - DeVon Hardin 6-11 California

33. San Antonio Spurs - Dominic McGuire 6-9 Fresno State

more to come...

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