Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Does anyone like Kobe Bryant anymore?

Kobe wants to be traded. Then he doesn't. Now he does again. He is doing all he can to send the message - even pulling out web 2.0 tactics of blogs and video posts. He is calling out his teammates, the organization and bad mouthing the Lakers management. What hurts worst in his recent 24 second video clip outburst is his negative comments to Andrew Bynum. There is nothing worse than criticizing your teammates or coach. He is doing a good job and whining and throwing a tantrum like a selfish child. Because that is what he is telling everyone he is - selfish.

He ran Shaq out of town and convinced the Lakers to make it Kobe's team. He got what he wanted and now he wants out. Show some class. Show some respect. Grow up Kobe.

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