Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Cavs didn't look like they cared

As I sat and watched the sad ending to the NBA finals I wondered... is this the NBA finals? Why did it seem like there was no intensity? The Spurs played tough as usual but there was a lack of desire and urgency on their side as well. It was probably because they knew they were a much better team and no matter what the Cavs threw at them they could handle it. Maybe because they knew this was series wrapped up in a bag at tip off of game 1. I have no problem with how the Spurs played. They won easily and without being pushed to a higher level of play. They did what they needed to do to sweep Cleveland out of the finals. They probably could have done it blind folded.

My question is why did Cleveland play like they didn't care? Was it enough to make it to the finals in the first time in 40 years or whatever it was? I don't know. But, this is the NBA finals. Wake up and play like you care. Show some hustle, show some intensity. There was no fire in the team, no desperation in any game, especially game 4 at home, down 0-3. You would have never seen such a lack of emotion in a NCAA tournament game. I was rather disappointed in the Cavs.

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