Monday, February 18, 2008

The Final Four - past 10 years


(Year, Winner, Runner-up, Other Two Final Four Teams)

2007 Florida, Ohio St., UCLA, Georgetown

2006 Florida, UCLA, LSU,George Mason

2005 North Carolina, Illinois, Louisville, Michigan St.

2004 Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Duke, Oklahoma St.

2003 Syracuse, Kansas,Texas, Marquette

2002 Maryland, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma

2001 Duke, Arizona, Michigan St., Maryland

2000 Michigan St., Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin

1999 Connecticut, Duke, Michigan St., Ohio St.

1998 Kentucky, Utah, North Carolina, Stanford

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NBA teams that need a new name

A couple of NBA teams should change their team name: New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, New York Knicks, and the Denver Nuggets.

What's a Net anyway? The Nets... how lame is that? I heard that it was because of the New York Jets, New York Mets and they wanted something else to rhyme. So they picked the Nets. I am sorry New York area fans.. Nets, Jets and Mets.

That's pretty bad. I would start a petition for a change. That reminds me of the lame 1990s in Utah where every new team was required to have a "zz" in it somewhere to copy the Jazz. The Jazz, the Starzz (WNBA), the Buzz (minor league baseball), the Catzz (indoor football) and probably more lame names. Who picks these stupid names anyway?

Speaking of the Jazz, that really is a lame name for Utah as well. So is the Nuggets. Gold Nuggets. Nah, I wouldn't be too excited if that was my favorite team. And then the Knicks. Why would you name your team after weird looking pants? Oh well, whats done is done. All we can do is complain now.

However on the other end of the NBA is a few awesome names. The NBA's top team name: The Celtics.