Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top Ten NBA Floppers

The top ten best or should we say worst floppers in the NBA. Make sure to check out the King of Flop. Flopping is not an art form, it looks ridiculous and is a disease taking over the NBA. This isn't European Soccer. Quit Flopping!

(This list does not mean these players are bad. For example, I love Matt Harpring and the way he plays. No one is tougher. But, he flops and fakes sometimes. That's all I'm saying)

10. Vlade Divac (even though he retired I put him on the list because I still have nightmares about his flops)

9. Vince Carter

8. Matt Harpring

7. Raja Bell

6. Derek Fisher

5. Shane Battier

4. Bruce Bowen

3. Anderson Verajao

2. Manu Ginobili

And the King of Flop is...

1. Kobe Bryant

If you have any thoughts let me know and I will continue to adjust this list. This is tough to determine because practically everyone in the NBA flops.

Players also getting votes are: Richard Hamilton, Dwayne Wade, Fabricio Oberto, Tracy McGrady, Andrei Kirilenko, Luis Scola,


Anonymous said...

wow kobe number one flopper lol ur are a joke... if u hate the lakers just say so. i know this post wont get put up because u dont have the nerve to let the truth out!

Anonymous said...

PS lol the Flop king of ALL time should be Danny Fortson!! make a poll and i grantee he would be number one!

SportsGorilla said...

Oh people just watch the Lakers games. Kobe is one of the all time great floppers. Does he blatanly fall down or fake? Occasionall, but not usually. Is he a weak soft player that uses flopping to make up for bad defense? No. He is a great defender. BUT, he flops. He gets more calls than any NBA player - except maybe LeBron. Kobe is so good at making it look real and playing hard that is gets the refs to make calls for him. And the refs give to it him pretty easy sometimes.