Thursday, May 15, 2008

If the Lakers win the NBA title it will be because the refs gave it to them

The Lakers get the most favorable calls I have ever seen. Just watching how the refs changed the game in game 5 vs the Jazz was ridiculous. Kobe and company get so many questionable calls it is unbelievable. Harpring and Millsap for the Jazz get every touch called as a foul (not saying they don't foul, just saying they get called more than they probably should). Every time Kobe blinks he gets a foul called. Last night Odom's dunk, Vujacic kicking the ball and getting a foul, Walton over Harpring in the corner, Gasol's travel (when 2 had previously been called on the Jazz). It was quite shocking the questionable calls that were made. The Lakers are good, but they are getting help from the refs.

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