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2007-2008 Bowl Games

2007-2008 Bowl Games

BCS Bowl Games: (and BCS predictions)

Rose Bowl presented by Citi
Jan. 1 - 4:30 p.m. Pasadena, CA. ABC
BCS vs. BCS (Big Ten Champion vs. Pac 10 Champion, if available)
SportsGorilla Prediction: UCLA vs. Michigan

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Jan. 1 - 8:30 p.m. New Orleans, LA. FOX
BCS vs. BCS (SEC Champion, if available)
SportsGorilla Prediction: Tennessee vs. Louisville

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Jan. 2 - 8 p.m. Phoenix, AZ. FOX
BCS vs. BCS (Big 12 Champion, if available)
SportsGorilla Prediction: Texas vs. LSU

FedEx Orange Bowl
Jan. 3 - 8 p.m. Miami, FL. FOX
BCS vs. BCS (ACC Champion, if available)
SportsGorilla Prediction: Virginia Tech vs. Hawaii

Allstate BCS National Championship
Jan. 7 - 8 p.m. New Orleans, LA. FOX
BCS #1 vs. BCS #2
SportsGorilla Prediction: USC vs. West Virginia

The rest of the bowl games (I won’t even try to predict these)

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
Dec. 20 - 9 p.m. San Diego, CA. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Navy-At-Large

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Dec. 21 - 8 p.m. New Orleans, LA. ESPN2
Tie-Ins: Sun Belt No. 1 vs. C-USA

PapaJohn’ Bowl
Dec. 22 - 1 p.m. Birmingham, AL. ESPN2
Tie-Ins: Big East (or MAC) vs. C-USA

New Mexico Bowl
Dec. 22 - 4:30 p.m. Albuquerque, NM. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. WAC

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl
Dec. 22 - 8 p.m. Las Vegas, NV. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West No. 1 vs. Pac-10 No. 4

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Dec. 23 - 8 p.m. Honolulu, HI. ESPN
Tie-Ins: C-USA vs. WAC

Motor City Bowl
Dec. 26 - 7:30 p.m. Detroit, MI. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Big Ten No. 7 vs. MAC

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
Dec. 27 - 8 p.m. San Diego, CA. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Big 12 No. 3 vs. Pac-10 No. 2

Texas Bowl
Dec. 28 - 8 p.m. NFL Network
Tie-Ins: Houston, Texas
Big 12 vs. C-USA

Champs Sports Bowl
Dec. 28 - 5 p.m. Orlando, FL. ESPN
Tie-Ins: ACC No. 4 vs. Big Ten No. 4 or No. 5

Emerald Bowl
Dec. 28 - 8:30 p.m. San Francisco, CA. ESPN
Tie-Ins: ACC No. 7 vs. Pac-10 No. 5

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Dec. 29 - 1 p.m. Charlotte, NC. ESPN
Tie-Ins: ACC No. 6 vs. Big East

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Dec. 29 - 4:30 p.m. Memphis, TN. ESPN
Tie-Ins: C-USA No. 1 vs. SEC No. 6

Alamo Bowl
Dec. 29 - 8 p.m. San Antonio, TX ESPN
Tie-Ins: Big Ten No. 4 or No. 5 vs. Big 12 No. 4

Petro Sun Independence Bowl
Dec. 30 - 8 p.m. Shreveport, LA. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Big 12 No. 7 vs. SEC No. 8

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Dec. 31 - 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth, TX ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac-10

Sun Bowl
Dec. 31 - 2 p.m. El Paso, TX CBS
Tie-Ins: Big 12-Big East-Notre Dame vs. Pac-10 No. 3

Humanitarian Bowl
Dec. 31 - 2 p.m. Boise, ID ESPN2
Tie-Ins: ACC No. 8 vs. WAC

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl
Dec. 31 - 4 p.m. Nashville, TN. ESPN
Tie-Ins: ACC vs. SEC No. 5

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Dec. 31 - 7:30 p.m. Atlanta, GA. ESPN
Tie-Ins: ACC No. 2 vs. SEC

Insight Bowl
Dec. 31 - TBA Tempe, AZ. NFL Network
Tie-Ins: Big Ten No. 6 vs. Big 12 No. 6

Outback Bowl
Jan. 1 - 11 a.m. Tampa, FL. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Big Ten No. 3 vs. SEC

AT&T Cotton Bowl
Jan. 1 - 11:30 a.m. Dallas, TX FOX
Tie-Ins: Big 12 No. 2 vs. SEC

Gator Bowl
Jan. 1 - 1 p.m. Jacksonville, FL CBS
Tie-Ins: ACC No. 3 vs. Big 12-Big East-Notre Dame

Capital One Bowl
Jan. 1 - 1 p.m. Orlando, FL. ABC
Tie-Ins: Big Ten No. 2 vs. SEC No. 2

International Bowl
Jan. 5 - 12 p.m. Toronto, Canada ESPN2
Tie-Ins: Big East-Notre Dame vs. MAC No. 4 or 5

Jan. 6 - 8 p.m. Mobile, AL. ESPN
Tie-Ins: C-USA No. 2 vs. MAC

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - SEC

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

SEC – South Eastern Conference predictions

2. Florida
3. Georgia
4. Kentucky
5. South Carolina
6. Vanderbilt

1. LSU
2. Auburn
3. Arkansas
4. ALbama
5. Mississippi
6. Mississippi State

It looks like another tough year for the SEC. So many good teams and good players. 4-5 teams could easily be in the running to be nation champion, however chances are every one will beat each other and only 1 team will have a shot. LSU is everyone’s favorite, but I really like Tennessee this year. Eric Ainge looks ready and I think if they can get past Cal in the season opener things will be headed in the right direction. I think Tennessee will pull off an upset and knock off favorite LSU in the SEC championship. Florida is back to defend their national title. Kentucky had a surprisingly nice season a year ago and hopes to continue. South Carolina and Steve Spurier should be good. Darren McFadden from Arkansas is the nation’s best player. Auburn has the pieces to win the conference. There is so much talent on these teams. The SEC is the best conference in football and this year is no exception.

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - WAC

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

WAC – Western Athletic Conference predictions

1. Hawaii
2. Boise State
3. Fresno State
4. Nevada
5. San Jose State
6. Idaho
7. New Mexico State
8. Louisiana Tech
9. Utah State

The WAC enjoyed a phenomenal year last year. Boise State busting into the BCS and beating Oklahoma. San Jose State, Nevada and Fresno State should be good this year again. Boise State will not be as good as they were last year, but the should be competing for the conference title again. Hawaii looks outstanding. Their offense broke all kinds of record in 2006 and are back for more. I think Idaho will be better this year. And New Mexico State’s offense can score on anyone. The WAC is making headway and coming off a banner year. The WAC should be able to continue rolling this year as well.

The Best Football game I have ever seen

I have seen quite a few football games in my life. There are a few that stand out, BYU vs Utah last year was amazing (this was my top game for about a month), Texas vs USC in the national championship game in Jan of 2006, and quite a few more. However, that is not my purpose today to tell of the of handful of amazing games I’ve seen.

I want to say the best game I have ever seen was the Boise State vs Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl. I still cannot get over the finish to that game. Amazing. Boise State's dominance, Oklahoma's comeback, Zanbranski's interception returned for a touchdown, hook and ladder to tie the game and the 2 trick plays in overtime to win. Entertaining. Thrilling. All I can do is sit and shake my head thinking about it. Wow.

The situation in which the game took place is what made it so awesome. Boise State and little known school from hickville Boise Idaho. They have only been division 1A for around 10 years. They play in the measly WAC. But now, you can’t say all those things anymore. Boise State had busted the BCS. they weren't wanted, no one thought the could compete... and yet? I am a huge underdog fan. I loved it when Utah destroyed Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl two years before that.

Boise State vs Oklahoma is a classic in my book. I was, for now, the best game football game I have ever seen.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - PAC 10

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

PAC 10 predictions

1. USC
3. California
4. Oregon State
5. Arizona
6. Oregon
7. Arizona State
8. Washington
9. Washington State
10. Stanford

The PAC 10 should be very volatile. Clearly USC is the most gifted team in the country. They are the number one ranked team and probably the best. However, they have a very difficult schedule. UCLA and Cal both should be very good and finish ranked in the top 15, but it comes down to when they play each other. I give the nod to UCLA. Oregon State is an up and coming program that might be able to make another good run like last year. But with a new QB and teams aware of them it might be difficult. Arizona is putting the pieces together. They are athletic and dangerous. Oregon and Arizona St both should be bowl bound teams that could also challenge the top 3 if they get things rolling. The PAC 10 has the skills to put together a good conference this year but we will see. I predict an excellent year.

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Sun Belt

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Sun Belt predictions

1. Troy
2. Middle Tennessee
3. Arkansas State
4. Florida Atlantic
5. North Texas
6. Louisiana-Lafayette
7. Louisiana-Monroe
8. Florida International

Friday, August 24, 2007

College football games with huge implications in 2007 season

As always conference games make or break a season for many NCAA football teams. The SEC and Big 10 are famous for cannibalizing themselves. For the non-BSC conferences (or should I say the conferences that don’t have a freebie into the BCS) it is crucial to walk straight through the conference schedule unbeaten. Besides conference games the non-conference games have huge implications. I have put together a list of absolutely huge season changing games for this season.

2007 Big Football Games:

Week 1 - Tennessee at California
PAC 10 or SEC? Get this season started right in week 1

Week 1 - Utah at Oregon State
I think Oregon State can make some noise this season, but will a non-BCS league make the first knock out?

Week 2 - TCU at Texas
For all the BCS buster lovers this game is huge. I may be more excited to see this game than any other on the schedule.

Week 2 – BYU at UCLA
Can the Mountain West earn respect by ruining UCLA’s hopes?

Week 3 - USC at Nebraska
PAC 10 vs Big 12 frontrunners

Week 3 - West Virginia at Maryland
Big East’s best vs. ACC potential champ candidate

Week 3 - Notre Dame at Michigan
Always entertaining, always important to both teams

Week 3 - Tennessee at Florida
Two title potentials, who will stay in the race?

Week 6 - Oklahoma vs. Texas
This game should be big, again as always

Week 6 - Florida at LSU
This could be the national championship game, but it will probably knock one out of the running.

Week 6 - Utah at Louisville
One of five huge games for the under appreciated Mountain West conference

Week 7 - Wisconsin at Penn State
Which Big 10 team will challenge Michigan?

Week 8 - California at UCLA
Narrows down who will challenge USC in the PAC10

Week 9 - Nebraska at Texas
Possible Big 12 Championship match up

Week 9 - Boston College at Virginia Tech
ACC contenders duking it out

Week 11 - USC at California
PAC 10 showdown

Week 11 - Michigan at Wisconsin
Big 10 game of the year

Week 11 - Louisville at West Virginia
Which Big East team will be a title contender?

Week 12 - Ohio State at Michigan
This huge rivalry is always a big game

Week 13 - Boise State at Hawaii
Both teams might be 11-0 and knocking on the BCS’s doorstep

Week 13 - Florida State at Florida
Every year this game is big

Week 14 - UCLA at USC
Another PAC 10 showdown

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Mid-American

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Mid-American Conference predictions

1. Ohio
2. Bowling Green
3. Kent State
4. Akron
5. Miami (OH)
6. Buffalo
7. Temple

1. Central Michigan
2. Western Michigan
3. Northern Illinois
4. Ball State
5. Toledo
6. Eastern Michigan

Thursday, August 23, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Mountain West

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Mountain West predictions

1. TCU
2. BYU
3. Utah
4. Wyoming
5. New Mexico
6. San Diego State
7. Colorado State
8. Air Force

I think the Mountain West should have a good year, although in 2008 they should be even better. TCU, Utah and BYU should all be very good teams. All three won bowl games a year ago. Each of them have scheduled some big games that will either earn the conference respect or not. TCU plays at Texas. BYU plays at UCLA. Utah plays at Oregon State, at Louisville and at home against UCLA. Win a couple of these games and that will say a lot about this conference. I think the Mountain West is typically underrated but until they can start winning these big non-conference games they will continue to be overlooked. TCU, BYU and Utah all have young players at key positions and should continue being good for the next few seasons.

The rest of the conference should be up and down. Air Force, New Mexico and Colorado State have been in the decline the past few years and should be around the 500 mark. San Diego State has been improving from the bottom of the league and may be able to make a nice run and have a winning record. Wyoming is always tough despite the recruiting difficulties. UNLV will continue to hope for a miracle turnaround of a downer program. Overall I am predicting good things from the Mountain West.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Conference USA

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Conference USA predictions

Southern Mississippi
East Carolina


Houston is definitely the team to beat in a wide open Conference USA. The season will be entertaining to see which teams go up and which down. Tulsa and Southern Mississippi both will be pretty good. Rice and East Carolina may be able to make a run as well. Overall, I don't think C-USA is a tough as in years past.

59 year old makes a college football team

Mike Flynt a 59 year old is playing football for Sul Ross State University. He played 37 years ago from the same school. That's awesome.

Eddie Griffin NBA player dies in collision with train

NBA player Eddie Griffin died last week in a car crash with a train. His SUV went through the railroad barrier and was killed as he collided with a train. His SUV and his body were badly burned. He was later identified by his dental records.

6'10 Eddie Griffin was drafted out of Seton Hall in 2001. He played for the Rockets, Nets and most recently the Timberwolves.

It's a sad story. I remember watching him in college. He had a troubled off the court life and it carried over to ruin his career. The circumstances around his death are still under investigation.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FIBA Americas starts Aug. 22

Many Americans don't know much about International Basketball. There is more to it than the Olympics. FIBA is international basketball's governing body. Starting tomorrow, August 22, 2007 the FIBA Americas tournament takes place in Las Vegas and lasts until September 2. This tournament is North and South America put together in one division. FIBA splits the world into 5 divisions: FIBA Africa, FIBA Americas, FIBA Asia, FIBA Europe and RIBA Oceania. Each division competes for standings and invitations to play in World Championships and Olympic competition.

The FIBA Americas has invited the 10 top ranked teams in its division to play in this tournament. This includes the United States, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. The FIBA Americas will give out 2 berths to the 2008 Olympics to the two teams that reach the FIBA Americas finals. The third, fourth and fifth place finishers qualify for a FIBA Olympic qualifying tournament that includes 12 teams and will take place next July. That tournament will give out 3 bids for the Beijing Olympics.

International competition will become larger and larger as more nations improve their basketball play. Each nation is also ranked. Here are the current top 20 countries:

International basketball is very exciting. I wish we knew and saw more of it.

Tomorrow the US will play Venezuela. For more information go to

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Big 12

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Big 12 predictions

North Division
1. Nebraska
2. Missouri
3. Kansas State
4. Colorado
5. Kansas
6. Iowa State

South Division
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas A&M
4. Texas Tech
5. Oklahoma State
6. Baylor

The Big 12 conference looks like it might struggle this year. Its typical top teams are not as stellar as in previous years. Texas definitely looks like the best team and should win the conference title. Oklahoma is picked by many to be really good, but I'm not sure I see it yet (maybe that’s because I keep seeing Boise State highlights in my head from last years Fiesta Bowl). They will most likely be ranked all season, but I don’t think they have enough to compete with Texas.

Nebraska in the North Division is really the only option to go to the conference championship game. Unless Missouri plays big and beats them. Nebraska plays USC which will be a huge non-conference game for the Big 12. I like Missouri and have picked them as one of my surprise teams of the year. But if they can challenge Nebraska remains to be seen. Colorado continues to rebuild. Texas Tech is always potent offensively and should be good. The rest of the teams will be average or below average. Overall not a great year for the Big 12.

Monday, August 20, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Big Ten

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Big Ten predictions

1. Michigan
2. Wisconsin
3. Ohio State
4. Penn State
5. Iowa
6. Purdue
7. Minnesota
8. Michigan State
9. Indiana
10. Northwestern
11. Illinois

The Big Ten should be a battle this year. It is deep and there are many very good teams competing for the Big Ten crown. I think 5-6 teams have a shot at pulling it off. Realistically it will be between Michigan and Wisconsin, but I think Penn State and Ohio State could come through and pull off an upset. Michigan State should be better than last year (which was awful). Iowa might be the dark horse in the group. They have had a few down years and are poised for a comeback, especially since the do not have to play Michigan or Ohio State this year. Overall it should be a good year for the Big Ten.

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Big East

SportsGorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Big East predictions

1. West Virginia
2. Louisville
3. Pittsburgh
4. Rutgers
5. Syracuse
6. South Florida
7. Connecticut
8. Cincinnati

A few years ago the Big East was awful. Pittsburgh made it to be BCS Fiesta Bowl only to be destroyed by a non-BCS conference Utah. Times have changed. Louisville and West Virginia will once again battle for the BCS bid. Rutgers should be good again. Pittsburgh has supposed to be good the past couple of season and has disappointed. Now that Wanstedt's job is on the line I think they will come through this year. South Florida is picked as a sleeper by many experts. And Syracuse will show much improvement this year.

The Big East also has 4 legit Heisman hopefuls: Louisville's Brian Brohm, West Virginia's Pat White and Steve Slaton, and Rutgers RB Ray Rice. It should be a good year for the Big East with possibly 4 teams ranked in the top 25 at the end of the season and possibly a national title.

Friday, August 17, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - ACC

SportsGorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

ACC - Atlantic Coast Conference

1.Boston College
2. Florida State
3. Clemson
4.Wake Forrest
5. Maryland
6. NC State

1. Virginia Tech
2. Georgia Tech
3. Miami (FL)
4. Virginia
5. North Carolina
6. Duke

The Atlantic division is definitely the tougher of the two. Really anyone of the teams could take the Atlantic division. Realistically though, I think it will be between Florida St. and Boston College. Virginia Tech should win the Coastal division.

There are a couple of questions here: Will Miami be back as a player in the ACC? Can Florida St come back to dominance? Will the Virginia Tech overcome so much off the Field adversity over this past year? Will there be another surprise like Wake Forrest last year? We will find out shortly.

I predict Virginia Tech to win the ACC.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

NCAA Football 2007 Preseason Rankings

As much as I hate preseason ranking college football teams, I have decided to put my predictions down. The problems with NCAA football polls is that it is only an opinion. Nobody knows for sure. And that's what this is, my opinion.

SportsGorilla Preseason College Football Ranking
Top 25

  1. USC
  2. Florida
  3. LSU
  4. Michigan
  5. Texas
  6. West Virginia
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Louisville
  9. Tennessee
  10. Ohio State
  11. Virginia Tech
  12. California
  13. Auburn
  14. UCLA
  15. Oklahoma
  16. Georgia
  17. Arkansas
  18. Penn State
  19. Nebraska
  20. TCU
  21. Boston College
  22. Boise State
  23. Hawaii
  24. Rutgers
  25. Texas A&M

Bubble Teams:
Florida State, Missouri, Oregon State, Wake Forrest, BYU, Maryland, Utah, Texas Tech, Georgia Tech, Oregon, Clemson, Arizona, Houston

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Get rid of the pre season ranking!

I think they need to get rid of the college football preseason ranking. I don't really like or agree with the rankings because does any one really know how good a team is? No. That's because it's still preseason.

The preseason NCAA ranking is only a popularity guessing contest. It is only a guess at what a team will be like, and yet it has so much influence over the rankings for the remainder of the year. It is so hard for the teams ranked low in the preseason. For these teams to move up they have to overcome and pass teams ranked higher than them in the preseason. Which isn't fair. If two teams have identical records the preseason lower ranked team can almost never pass a team preseason ranked higher then them. Preseason rankings hurts those teams ranked low because they have to slowly move all the way up the rankings.

How many teams have started high and bombed during the season ending somewhere out of the rankings? I think they should only rank teams after the first 2-3 weeks of the college football season. If rankings are required, we can have the preseason rankings and then throw all the rankings out after a few weeks and re-rank the teams without influence of the preseason ranking.

I think the system needs to change.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Celtics sign House and Pollard

The Boston Celtics have just signed Eddie House and Scot Pollard. The Celtics traded away all their players and so Poland is now the only center listed on the roster. Pollard is not enough to sure up the big man rotation. Boston still needs to get another center to rotate with Pollard.

In my mind signing Eddie House is huge for Boston. House has been a journey man with limited minutes. But believe me he can light up the arena. A quick guard and dangerous outside shooter he will be a great asset to the Celts. I think this signing might be a huge deal down the road. Maybe House will finally have a chance to prove himself full time.

Boston has also been trying to talk Reggie Miller out of retirement. I'm sure Jordan and Berkley are next on the list of contacts.

I am getting excited to watch Boston play and see who will be in their lineup come November. It has been 21 years since winning their last title. So the time might be coming to win number 17.

Friday, August 3, 2007

9 year old signs with professional soccer team

Manchester United has signed a gifted soccer player. He has amazing footwork, dribbling, and goal scoring abilities. Oh yeah, he's 9 years old.

Rhain Davis is British but has grown up in Australia. Rhain Davis's grandfather sent a video clip to Manchester United and posted on YouTube where the team quickly signed him. Davis will join their academy in Britain and train with other kids his age and older. The developmental academy will train him until he officially joins the team or until his contract is not renewed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kevin Garnett is now a Celtic

It's official. Kevin Garnett is now a Celtic. Good news for Boston in the immediate future. However, in 5 years where will Boston be? Hopefully with another championship banner in their rafters. Because they gave up their future to make this current team. Boston's time to win is now. In 3-4 years and they might be in trouble. They will not have good draft picks and little up and coming talent. Their 3 stars are all 30-32 years old and might start slowing soon.

Rajon Rondo is their only nice young prospect, well Tony Allen might fit that as well. Anyway, gone is big man Al Jefferson and athletic possible star Gerald Green. Ryan Gomes and Sabastian Telfair both can help a team, but not stars. I think Minnesota put together and nice team for the future. A good trade? I would say yes for both teams.