Tuesday, August 21, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Big 12

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Big 12 predictions

North Division
1. Nebraska
2. Missouri
3. Kansas State
4. Colorado
5. Kansas
6. Iowa State

South Division
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas A&M
4. Texas Tech
5. Oklahoma State
6. Baylor

The Big 12 conference looks like it might struggle this year. Its typical top teams are not as stellar as in previous years. Texas definitely looks like the best team and should win the conference title. Oklahoma is picked by many to be really good, but I'm not sure I see it yet (maybe that’s because I keep seeing Boise State highlights in my head from last years Fiesta Bowl). They will most likely be ranked all season, but I don’t think they have enough to compete with Texas.

Nebraska in the North Division is really the only option to go to the conference championship game. Unless Missouri plays big and beats them. Nebraska plays USC which will be a huge non-conference game for the Big 12. I like Missouri and have picked them as one of my surprise teams of the year. But if they can challenge Nebraska remains to be seen. Colorado continues to rebuild. Texas Tech is always potent offensively and should be good. The rest of the teams will be average or below average. Overall not a great year for the Big 12.

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