Friday, August 24, 2007

College football games with huge implications in 2007 season

As always conference games make or break a season for many NCAA football teams. The SEC and Big 10 are famous for cannibalizing themselves. For the non-BSC conferences (or should I say the conferences that don’t have a freebie into the BCS) it is crucial to walk straight through the conference schedule unbeaten. Besides conference games the non-conference games have huge implications. I have put together a list of absolutely huge season changing games for this season.

2007 Big Football Games:

Week 1 - Tennessee at California
PAC 10 or SEC? Get this season started right in week 1

Week 1 - Utah at Oregon State
I think Oregon State can make some noise this season, but will a non-BCS league make the first knock out?

Week 2 - TCU at Texas
For all the BCS buster lovers this game is huge. I may be more excited to see this game than any other on the schedule.

Week 2 – BYU at UCLA
Can the Mountain West earn respect by ruining UCLA’s hopes?

Week 3 - USC at Nebraska
PAC 10 vs Big 12 frontrunners

Week 3 - West Virginia at Maryland
Big East’s best vs. ACC potential champ candidate

Week 3 - Notre Dame at Michigan
Always entertaining, always important to both teams

Week 3 - Tennessee at Florida
Two title potentials, who will stay in the race?

Week 6 - Oklahoma vs. Texas
This game should be big, again as always

Week 6 - Florida at LSU
This could be the national championship game, but it will probably knock one out of the running.

Week 6 - Utah at Louisville
One of five huge games for the under appreciated Mountain West conference

Week 7 - Wisconsin at Penn State
Which Big 10 team will challenge Michigan?

Week 8 - California at UCLA
Narrows down who will challenge USC in the PAC10

Week 9 - Nebraska at Texas
Possible Big 12 Championship match up

Week 9 - Boston College at Virginia Tech
ACC contenders duking it out

Week 11 - USC at California
PAC 10 showdown

Week 11 - Michigan at Wisconsin
Big 10 game of the year

Week 11 - Louisville at West Virginia
Which Big East team will be a title contender?

Week 12 - Ohio State at Michigan
This huge rivalry is always a big game

Week 13 - Boise State at Hawaii
Both teams might be 11-0 and knocking on the BCS’s doorstep

Week 13 - Florida State at Florida
Every year this game is big

Week 14 - UCLA at USC
Another PAC 10 showdown

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