Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Best Football game I have ever seen

I have seen quite a few football games in my life. There are a few that stand out, BYU vs Utah last year was amazing (this was my top game for about a month), Texas vs USC in the national championship game in Jan of 2006, and quite a few more. However, that is not my purpose today to tell of the of handful of amazing games I’ve seen.

I want to say the best game I have ever seen was the Boise State vs Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl. I still cannot get over the finish to that game. Amazing. Boise State's dominance, Oklahoma's comeback, Zanbranski's interception returned for a touchdown, hook and ladder to tie the game and the 2 trick plays in overtime to win. Entertaining. Thrilling. All I can do is sit and shake my head thinking about it. Wow.

The situation in which the game took place is what made it so awesome. Boise State and little known school from hickville Boise Idaho. They have only been division 1A for around 10 years. They play in the measly WAC. But now, you can’t say all those things anymore. Boise State had busted the BCS. they weren't wanted, no one thought the could compete... and yet? I am a huge underdog fan. I loved it when Utah destroyed Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl two years before that.

Boise State vs Oklahoma is a classic in my book. I was, for now, the best game football game I have ever seen.

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