Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - PAC 10

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

PAC 10 predictions

1. USC
3. California
4. Oregon State
5. Arizona
6. Oregon
7. Arizona State
8. Washington
9. Washington State
10. Stanford

The PAC 10 should be very volatile. Clearly USC is the most gifted team in the country. They are the number one ranked team and probably the best. However, they have a very difficult schedule. UCLA and Cal both should be very good and finish ranked in the top 15, but it comes down to when they play each other. I give the nod to UCLA. Oregon State is an up and coming program that might be able to make another good run like last year. But with a new QB and teams aware of them it might be difficult. Arizona is putting the pieces together. They are athletic and dangerous. Oregon and Arizona St both should be bowl bound teams that could also challenge the top 3 if they get things rolling. The PAC 10 has the skills to put together a good conference this year but we will see. I predict an excellent year.

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