Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Clippers need a new logo

The LA Clippers need a new logo. How many people even know that a Clipper is an war vessel in the mid 1800s? How cool is that. What feeling do you get when you see the LA Clippers logo? Nothing! What does the lame LA Clippers in wimpy cursive writing present to you? It looks old and weak. Get something new. It looks like a cheap version of the Lakers logo, except boring and ugly. It was probably a nice logo back in the 70's but it's time for a change.

My suggestion is to do it during the offseason. Let's face it, this year is over for them. The Clips are going to have a high draft pick. Elton Brand will be back next year. Promote the team as new and revitalized and cap it off with a new sleek logo and jerseys. That's my marketing suggestion. What can it hurt?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SportsGorilla 2007 College Football National Champion is...

It was an excellent season. A good one for the underdog and a good one for the SEC. We had another BCS buster with Hawaii. Even though Hawaii died against Georgia, dropping the non-BCS leagues to 2-1, it was still a success for non-BCS leagues. My favorite two word phrase to describe the season: Appalachian State!

There is so much parity in college football how can you vote for a champion? The system is ridiculous. So in a system where there is no clear champions and we rely on voting in order to "pick the best team" I have done just that. After a tough debate for who should win the national title I have made an unprecedented decision that I think is fair given the current circumstances.

And the SportsGorilla National Champion is....

LSU, Kansas, Georgia, USC, Missouri and West Virginia! An unprecedented six-way tie!

I'm serious. You could make a case for each of them. Each looked impressive during the season and in their bowl games. All had losses. But is there enough evidence LSU could beat the rest of the teams? No. So this is the fairest decision in my humble opinion.

Congrats LSU, Kansas, Georgia, USC, Missouri and West Virginia! You are all the SportsGorilla 1st annual 2007 National Champion!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Final 2007 College Football Top 25 Rankings

SportsGorilla College Football Ranking Top 25 - Final Rankings

LSU, Kansas, Georgia, USC, Missouri and West Virginia in an unprecedented six-way tie as the National Champions!

1. Kansas

1. Georgia

1. LSU

1. West Virginia

1. USC

1. Missouri

7. Ohio State

8. Virginia Tech

9. Oklahoma

10. Boston College

11. Texas

12. Tennessee

13. Arizona State

14. BYU

15. Hawaii

16. Florida

17. Illinois

18. Auburn

19. Michigan

20. Cincinnati

21. Clemson

22. Wisconsin

23. Texas Tech

24. South Florida

25. Oregon

Bubble Teams: Connecticut, UCF, Tulsa, Virginia, Oregon State, Penn State, Wake Forrest, Kentucky, Rutgers, Boise State, Air Force, Utah, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi State, TCU

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 NBA Rankings

The NBA has the typical West powerhouse teams of the past few years: San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks. However the West also has many players that could make a run. The Nuggets, Jazz, Hornets, Blazers, Rockets, Lakers, and Warriors are all legitimate threats. The Blazers have made an amazing run to be back in the thick of the race, but I don't think they will be able to keep up. They are definitely going to be a team to watch in the next few years.

In the East it's Boston, Detroit, Orlando and then the rest of the Field. Three top teams and a bunch of mediocre clubs following. Notice only 3 East teams in the top 13. The number 4-8 spots are wide open, but look for Washington, Cleveland, New Jersey, and Toronto to set the pace.

Here are my final 2007 NBA Rankings:

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. Detroit Pistons
  3. Phoenix Suns
  4. San Antonio Spurs
  5. Dallas Mavericks
  6. New Orleans Hornets
  7. Portland Trailblazers
  8. LA Lakers
  9. Denver Nuggets
  10. Orlando Magic
  11. Golden State Warriors
  12. Utah Jazz
  13. Houston Rockets
  14. New Jersey Nets
  15. Toronto Raptors
  16. Atlanta Hawks
  17. Washington Wizards
  18. Cleveland Cavaliers
  19. Indiana Pacers
  20. Philadelphia 76ers
  21. Sacramento Kings
  22. Chicago Bulls
  23. Milwaukee Bucks
  24. Charlotte Bobcats
  25. LA Clippers
  26. Seattle SuperSonics
  27. Memphis Grizzlies
  28. Miami Heat
  29. New York Knicks
  30. Minnesota Timberwolves

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Final 2007 NBA Rankings

The 2007 NBA season has been one of ups and downs so far. The top story of the season so far has been the Boston Celtics. Boston has dominated their way to a 26-3 record. Boston is back in the East and its good to see, in my opinion.

The second story line is the Portland Trailblazers. After starting 5-12 they went on a 13 game win streak. Not bad for the youngest team in the NBA missing their future star Greg Oden. They play team ball and battled their way to a 18-13 record.

The third story is the Chicago Bulls. My only words for them are pathetic.