Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Clippers need a new logo

The LA Clippers need a new logo. How many people even know that a Clipper is an war vessel in the mid 1800s? How cool is that. What feeling do you get when you see the LA Clippers logo? Nothing! What does the lame LA Clippers in wimpy cursive writing present to you? It looks old and weak. Get something new. It looks like a cheap version of the Lakers logo, except boring and ugly. It was probably a nice logo back in the 70's but it's time for a change.

My suggestion is to do it during the offseason. Let's face it, this year is over for them. The Clips are going to have a high draft pick. Elton Brand will be back next year. Promote the team as new and revitalized and cap it off with a new sleek logo and jerseys. That's my marketing suggestion. What can it hurt?

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Anonymous said...

No kidding dude! Their colors are awful too. Scrap it and start over.