Thursday, January 10, 2008

SportsGorilla 2007 College Football National Champion is...

It was an excellent season. A good one for the underdog and a good one for the SEC. We had another BCS buster with Hawaii. Even though Hawaii died against Georgia, dropping the non-BCS leagues to 2-1, it was still a success for non-BCS leagues. My favorite two word phrase to describe the season: Appalachian State!

There is so much parity in college football how can you vote for a champion? The system is ridiculous. So in a system where there is no clear champions and we rely on voting in order to "pick the best team" I have done just that. After a tough debate for who should win the national title I have made an unprecedented decision that I think is fair given the current circumstances.

And the SportsGorilla National Champion is....

LSU, Kansas, Georgia, USC, Missouri and West Virginia! An unprecedented six-way tie!

I'm serious. You could make a case for each of them. Each looked impressive during the season and in their bowl games. All had losses. But is there enough evidence LSU could beat the rest of the teams? No. So this is the fairest decision in my humble opinion.

Congrats LSU, Kansas, Georgia, USC, Missouri and West Virginia! You are all the SportsGorilla 1st annual 2007 National Champion!

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