Thursday, August 23, 2007

College Football Preseason Conference Rankings - Mountain West

Sports Gorilla 2007 Preseason Conference Rankings

Mountain West predictions

1. TCU
2. BYU
3. Utah
4. Wyoming
5. New Mexico
6. San Diego State
7. Colorado State
8. Air Force

I think the Mountain West should have a good year, although in 2008 they should be even better. TCU, Utah and BYU should all be very good teams. All three won bowl games a year ago. Each of them have scheduled some big games that will either earn the conference respect or not. TCU plays at Texas. BYU plays at UCLA. Utah plays at Oregon State, at Louisville and at home against UCLA. Win a couple of these games and that will say a lot about this conference. I think the Mountain West is typically underrated but until they can start winning these big non-conference games they will continue to be overlooked. TCU, BYU and Utah all have young players at key positions and should continue being good for the next few seasons.

The rest of the conference should be up and down. Air Force, New Mexico and Colorado State have been in the decline the past few years and should be around the 500 mark. San Diego State has been improving from the bottom of the league and may be able to make a nice run and have a winning record. Wyoming is always tough despite the recruiting difficulties. UNLV will continue to hope for a miracle turnaround of a downer program. Overall I am predicting good things from the Mountain West.

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