Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Get rid of the pre season ranking!

I think they need to get rid of the college football preseason ranking. I don't really like or agree with the rankings because does any one really know how good a team is? No. That's because it's still preseason.

The preseason NCAA ranking is only a popularity guessing contest. It is only a guess at what a team will be like, and yet it has so much influence over the rankings for the remainder of the year. It is so hard for the teams ranked low in the preseason. For these teams to move up they have to overcome and pass teams ranked higher than them in the preseason. Which isn't fair. If two teams have identical records the preseason lower ranked team can almost never pass a team preseason ranked higher then them. Preseason rankings hurts those teams ranked low because they have to slowly move all the way up the rankings.

How many teams have started high and bombed during the season ending somewhere out of the rankings? I think they should only rank teams after the first 2-3 weeks of the college football season. If rankings are required, we can have the preseason rankings and then throw all the rankings out after a few weeks and re-rank the teams without influence of the preseason ranking.

I think the system needs to change.

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