Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Did LeBron James airball a free throw?

Did you see what I think I saw? Did LeBron really air ball a free throw? How embarrassing. I hate that. I remember the one time I air balled a free throw it goes clear back to the Junior High School team. It was at home and it went silent in the crowd. There was no way I was going to miss the second one. I hit it, but did not make up for the air ball embarrassment. That's what LeBron did as well, hit his next one and made an impressive dunk the next time down to get a little feeling back.


Anonymous said...

I thought that if you air-balled a free throw that it was an automatic loss of possession. Is this an old school rule?

SportsGorilla said...

That should be a rule. Maybe they should have to sit for 5 minutes to avoid further embarrasment. I am amazed at how awful NBA players shoot free throws. After all this practice they still can't make it.