Thursday, July 12, 2007

University of Oklahoma goes 0-4 in 2005?

The NCAA has just ruled that the University of Oklahoma football team must erase 8 victories in the 2005 football season because of 2 players receiving money. The two players, Rhett Bomar and JD Quinn, each received around $7,000 from a car dealership where they did not perform any work. The players have already been kicked off the team.

Oklahoma went 8-4 that season. So the Sooners are now 0-4 for that season? That's dumb. I agree with the rule, but let's penalize them another way. They are required to reduce scholarships by two and are on probation until 2010.


Josh Centor said...

What penalties would you propose? Further reduction of scholarships could make an impact, but is it fair to penalize the kids now with the program for the actions of those no longer there?

Josh Centor

Anonymous said...

Why do they only forfeit the wins? Why not the losses. Lets just erase the entire season from our memory bank.

SportsGorilla said...

I agree that punishing kids now is unfair but that is the NCAA's way of proving their point to the University. Especially since it was only two non-factor players. I think forcing those players to donate money or service to the school and NCAA to make up for breaking the rules would be justified. Something like that would be interesting