Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Derek Fisher's request to leave the Utah Jazz is granted

The Utah Jazz announced today that they are releasing Derek Fisher from the rest of his contract. Fisher requested that the team release him from his contact so he can better help his daughter and her ongoing eye cancer situation.

Fisher will become a free agent and look for a place to play in one of the major cities by his doctor. Fisher said that life is more important than playing basketball. The Jazz granted his wish and parted on good terms.

This means a couple of things. Fisher may or may not play next season. He may retire. He may find a home in and eastern conference because his doctor was in New York. He would say where he might land, but he mentioned 6 cities. He is probably looking at the north eastern teams around that area.

The Jazz are now in need of a back up point/shooting guard. Rumors have it that Morris Peterson may be an option here and would be an excellent pick up for the Jazz.

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