Friday, July 6, 2007

The Results of the Number 1 NBA draft pick

Greg Oden was taken number 1 in this years NBA draft. I think he is going to be an awesome player for years to come. I thought I would look back and see how the other number 1 draft picks are doing. Here is the history of the number 1 pick:

2007-- Greg Oden, C, Portland, Ohio State
2006-- Andrea Bargnani, F, Toronto, Benetton Treviso (Italy)
2005-- Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee, C, Utah
2004-- Dwight Howard, Orlando, F, Southwest Atlantic Christian Academy (Atlanta)
2003-- LeBron James, Cleveland, G, St. Vincent-St. Mary HS
2002-- Yao Ming, Houston, C, China
2001-- Kwame Brown, Washington, F-C, Glynn Academy HS
2000-- Kenyon Martin, New Jersey, F, Cincinnati
1999-- Elton Brand, Chicago, F, Duke
1998-- Michael Olowokandi, Los Angeles Clippers, C, Pacific
1997-- Tim Duncan, San Antonio, C, Wake Forest
1996-- Allen Iverson, Philadelphia, G, Georgetown
1995-- Joe Smith, Golden State, C, Maryland
1994-- Glenn Robinson, Milwaukee, F, Purdue
1993-- Chris Webber, Orlando, F, Michigan
1992-- Shaquille O'Neal, Orlando, C, Louisiana State
1991-- Larry Johnson, Charlotte, F, UNLV
1990-- Derrick Coleman, New Jersey, F, Syracuse
1989-- Pervis Ellison, Sacramento, C, Louisville
1988-- Danny Manning, Los Angeles Clippers, F, Kansas
1987-- David Robinson, San Antonio, C, Navy
1986-- Brad Daugherty, Cleveland, C, North Carolina
1985-- Patrick Ewing, New York, C, Georgetown
1984-- Akeem Olajuwon, Houston, C, Houston
1983-- Ralph Sampson, Houston, C, Virginia
1982-- James Worthy, Los Angeles Lakers, F, North Carolina
1981-- Mark Aguirre, Dallas, F, DePaul
1980-- Joe Barry Carroll, Golden State, C, Purdue
1979-- Earvin (Magic) Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers, G, Michigan St.
1978-- Mychal Thompson, Portland, C, Minnesota
1977-- Kent Benson, Milwaukee, C, Indiana
1976-- John Lucas, Houston, G, Maryland
1975-- David Thompson, Atlanta, G, North Carolina St.
1974-- Bill Walton, Portland, C, UCLA
1973-- Doug Collins, Philadelphia, G, Illinois St.
1972-- LaRue Martin, Portland, C, Loyola-Chicago
1971-- Austin Carr, Cleveland, G, Notre Dame
1970-- Bob Lanier, Detroit, C, St. Bonaventure
1969-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee, C, UCLA
1968-- Elvin Hayes, Houston, C, Houston
1967-- Jimmy Walker, Detroit, G, Providence
1966-- Cazzie Russell, New York, F, Michigan

Just looking at over the past 20 years a couple names stand out as superstars. A couple I thought "thats right, I had forgotten they were taken #1." And some I said that was a mistake.

Kwame, and Olowokandi were mistakes. Kenyon, Joe Smith, and Glenn Robinson didn't turn out as good as promised and probably weren't worth the #1 (KMart does still have a chance to come around if he is ever healthy). Bogut and Bargnani are still young and need to show they can become a star or they may fall into the bad pick category. Shaq, Iverson, Duncan, Brand, Yao, LeBron, and Howard are all superstars and excellent picks.

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