Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top 10 NBA Point Guards

During the playoffs there was a lot of talk of the top point guards in the NBA. Baron Davis has a phenomenal run, and after beating the Mavs is called the best point guard by some. A few weeks later after Deron Williams of the Jazz beat the Warriors soundly the talk is then all on Williams. Deron was called a great new point and even one of the best point guards in the league, period. The votes definitely fluctuated depending on which team was winning and who was playing good.

Every one forgot about Chris Paul, Mike Bibby and Gilbert Arenas (if he can even be considered a point guard, but he is officially point so I will consider him). Billups's perceived value plummeted with lack luster playoff play.

Right now, I think the league has lost many of the old well known point guards (Stockton, Jackson, etc). There does not seem to be many dominant points in the league anymore. I think this is partially because the NBA has more of a scoring mentality than a true team-ball point guard.

After the playoff memories have died done a little I decided to rank the point guards with an overall value and not let the playoffs sway my thinking.

1. Steve Nash - He is the best and amazing to watch. He plays so effortlessly.
2. Tony Parker - Quietley becoming one of the best point guards in the NBA. Dominated the NBA Finals.
3. Chauncey Billups - Still one of the leagues best shooters and team leaders.
4. Gilbert Arenas - 28.5 points a game. Is he a point guard? I don't know, but he is good.
5. Baron Davis - Amazing when healthy. Definitely the most exciting player on the list.
6. Jason Kidd - He averaged nearly a triple double for almost 15 years
7. Deron Williams - Awesome in the playoffs and second in the league in assists. Look for him to be in the top 3 next year if his outstanding play continues.
8. Chris Paul - Injuries and not making it to the playoffs is making this outstanding young player forgotten
9. Mike Bibby - Dangerous shooter, but has lost something the past few years
10. Andre Miller - He is still one of the best passers in the game


Anonymous said...

Deron Williams is the most dominant point guard in the NBA I won't be suprised if he gets more than 5 NBA rings.

SportsGorilla said...

Deron Williams is good and getting better every season - and this is only his 3rd season. But I highly doubt he will get 5 rings. How many players have that many rings? Kobe has 3, Shaq has 4, Duncan has 4. With this much parity and talent in the NBA 5 rings is harder than ever. Just getting the first one will be a great accomplishment.