Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to you spell overpaid? Rashard Lewis.

I like Rashard Lewis as a player. He's big, he shoots, he's athletic, but he gets injured a lot. Lewis opted out of his contact with the Seattle Sonics and signed with the Orlando Magic. This will make Orlando a much better team, but will they be a contender? No. It gives them another scorer and an outside shooter, but Lewis has become injury prone and will he be on the court is a big question. The Magic gave Lewis a max deal worth reportedly 5 years and $75 million. For $15 million a year the Magic had better hope overpaying the best free agent of the 2007 offseason will pay off.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the contract was increased to an unreal 6-years $118 million! That's right, $118 million over the next 6 years! That has got to be the biggest waste of money in NBA history, closing in on Alan Houston's $100 million over 6 seasons (only 3 seasons played) with the Knicks.