Friday, April 4, 2008

NBA Playoffs

The West is crazy. Never before have the playoff teams been so close together. The top 9 teams in the West all could have over 50 wins this season. I believe the record is 6 teams with 50 wins. It is really amazing how tough the West is. In reality any of the top 8 teams could be ranked 1st or 8th.
Today the New Orleans Hornets were the first Western Conference team to secure a playoff spot - and with only 5 games left to play. Unheard of. That is crazy. Already 7 Eastern Conference teams have secured a spot. Each day the positions and potential match ups change. It will really come down to the last day of the season until everything is set in stone. And then starts the real madness. Never before has a playoff been so close where a any team has a legitimate chance of winning the Western Conference. Crazy.
I feel bad for the 9th team who will be left out. Right now it is between Dallas, Denver and Golden State. Chances are it will be Golden State sitting at home which is ridiculous considering they would be the 4th best team in the East. How can a 31-44 Indiana team still be alive for a playoff spot in one conference and a 46-30 Golden State struggling to make the playoff in another conference?
The NBA should take the top 16 teams and line them up for the playoffs. Regardless of the conference. That would be fairest.

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