Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Major trades dissapoint in NBA playoffs

So far the only 1 blockbuster NBA trade has paid off - Pau Gasol to the Lakers. Even though this trade was more like a freebie it has clearly been the best trade of the year. Gasol has had a huge impact on the dominant looking Lakers. The shaggy caveman is playing awesome. Kyle Korver to the Jazz is probably the second most valuable trade so far.

Jason Kidd has not turned the Mavericks around as anticipated and Shaq to the Suns is turning out to not be so great of a plan after all. The Suns brought him to Phoenix to help beat the Spurs. He is slowing down Tim Duncan so maybe his is doing what they wanted but I think they gave up too much in Shawn Marion to make that trade worth it.

Even though these trades are definitely not busts in my mind since the West is so competitive but it does put major question marks as to the direction for next season for the teams that pulled the trigger.

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