Thursday, April 24, 2008

Excuses for the Rockets

The Rockets are done. The Jazz have defeated them twice, in Houston . Its going back to Utah for 2 games and they aren't going to make it back to Houston . Their only ammo left is excuses. Yao is gone, Rafer Alston is gone, Kirilenko flopped… blah, blah, blah.

I will give them the first excuse. Yao Ming is arguably their best player. He is sorely missed. This series would be very different with him in the middle; however, Utah would still win. He might mean a couple of wins in the series, but without him the Rockets will be done in 4 games.

Excuse number 2. The way the Rockets have talked about Rafer Alston the past few days you would think he is on the NBA 50 greatest players list. He will make an impact but that will mean nothing to the outcome of the game.

Kirilenko did over exaggerate, okay even flop, but that wasn't even close to the worse flop in the game. Not only was it not even a level 4 flop on the 5 point flop scale (5 being extreme fake), but Jackson took that shot a couple seconds after the call. Play was stopping. And besides that play did not cost the game for the Rockets. Not even close.

Keep the excuses coming Rockets because that's all you got left.

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