Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2007-2008 NBA Season Predictions

Eastern Conference
– If the big 3 can stay healthy and play together well then look out.
New Jersey – Can the Nets big 3 ever be dominant together? I doubt it.
Toronto – I think they struggle to keep up with last year’s great season.
Philadelphia – Good finish last year. Nice young team.
New York – Alas New York. slowly improving but got a long ways (like 4 years) to go.

Chicago – The pieces are there. Relatively inexperienced but I think it will be their year.
Detroit – Slowly fading in the East but they will continue to win.
Cleveland – Amazing run last year. I don’t think this team goes back to the finals.
Indiana – Young, unknown. They will surprise some teams but they won’t be that good.
Milwaukee – A few pieces are there, but something is lacking.

– My bold pick in the East.
Miami – The old and the injured.
Washington – Gilbert Arenas and crew. They need more crew.
Charlotte – My sleeper team in the East. Morrison’s injury hurts.
Atlanta – Every year the same: High picks, young talent, lose, repeat next year.

Western Conference
– Look out these guys are mad.
San Antonio – Confident and dang tough. But it’s an even year (LINK) so no title.
Houston – So close but something’s missing. Maybe that piece was Adelman.
New OrleansPeja is on the Hornets? Division is too good, but should sneak into playoffs
Memphis – Stay healthy and maybe it won’t be so bad this year

Denver – I think they will finally put it together.
Utah – A very good team, but no surprising anyone this year.
Portland – Young guns. But no Oden.
Minnesota – Did Boston and Minnesota merge? Introducing the CeltWolves.
Seattle – Maybe in a few years.

– This might be the last shot for Phoenix as we know it
Golden State – Why did they change their roster after last year? Baron stays healthy? No
Sacramento – This might finally work. Artest will be big.
LA Lakers – This is what happens when Kobe is in charge
LA Clippers – Too many injuries. No Brand no chance.

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