Friday, December 7, 2007

Bowl thoughts

Well, Missouri got ripped off. They are ranked number 1 in the nation. The lose in their conference championship game and drop out of the BCS bowl games? Not fair. The problem is you have to give Oklahoma a bid and I think Kansas deserved it as well going 11-1. The problem is the system. Their is no way for Missouri to prove the deserve it. That is left in the hands of the voters to say if you are good enough or not. Sound fair, not at all. They need a playoff more than ever. With the parity in college football, how can we leave the championship up to computers? Let's settle it on the field.

If Hawaii beats Georgia I think they should legitimately be considered for a national championship. If they beat them soundly I will automatically give them my vote to be #1. If Hawaii loses and Kansas beats Virginia Tech I will also consider them to possibly be national champs. We shall see

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