Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poor Sun Belt Conference, Good Big East, sad Michigan

Poor Sun Belt Conference. They have only won 1 game. They are 1-14 on the season (and the 1 win was a conference game). Many of these games have been the big teams coming to play them. Anyway, not a good start.

The Big East looks very impressive so far and deeper than anticipated. Only two loses for the whole conference (thanks to Syracuse). Every team is undefeated, expect Syracuse is 0-2. Of course many of these wins comes against lesser conferences like the Sun Belt, but even still apparently Appalachian State is tougher than one would think (just ask Michigan).

The Big Ten has also looked good. They only have a total of 4 loses. The sad thing is that front runner Michigan has 2 of them. Ha! That is hilarious. Minnesota and Illinois also have a loss, the rest of the conference is undefeated. The PAC10 is the same only 4 loses.

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